Prom Proposal

Published October 16, 2012 by wordalpha

My junior year in high school was a really sucky year but my immature mind thought my boyfriend at the time made everything sparkly and amazing. Boy did that go south and have a baby. Gregory was a year ahead of me and so arrogant that it was astounding. Although he had no reason to be arrogant, he thought he was the beez knees and the best thing since sliced bread. He was far from it.

Now that my ranting is over; Gregory’s senior prom was coming up and although we had been dating a year and were very comfortable with one another I still expected him to ask me. We didn’t go to the same school and we didn’t live in the same town so you would think asking be required. He pretty much just figured we would go and he had to put no effort at all to into being romantic.

I also knew I would be accompanying him to his prom but still there are specifications that must be fulfilled. It’s polite. Now I was tired of waiting so I finally asked him when he was going to ask me. Apparently he got started right away. When I came over to his house a weekend later to stay over he  informed me there were five oragami hearts hidden in his room and I was supposed to find them.

The motherfucker actually expected me to get down on my knees and search his closet and shoe shelf.

Once I found all five hearts that had a P.R.O.M.? on them I opened them to find some real cheesy stuff. No man in his right mind would write that crap. Yes, I did want him to ask me, and yes I did want him to be romantic but god no did I want Elliot from Bedazzled crying about the sunset and dolphin safe tuna.

For crying out loud men, be romantic but not cheesy. Be resourcful not lazy. This ruined my prom experience so I didn’t go my senior year in high school. Ladies, you will be glad to know six months later we broke up. I also realize this may be a funny thing to read because it didn’t happen to you…I would laugh to but I sure as hell wasn’t laughing then.


Computer Labs!

Published October 11, 2012 by wordalpha

Im going to tell all of you about my last two experiences at two different computer labs.

First: The library around the block from my house has a nice section of computers and I lucked out because nobody was on them that day. Im minding my own buisness just checking my email and facebook when a lady comes up to me and and asks me to help her.

Okay, im all for helping people and ignoring the fact that there are five unoccupied computer around me. She tells me to log into boot barn where she made me sit there and take a survey for her. The thing is The recipt had a survey code number on it so once you were done with the survey boot barn would know that you get $5.00 off on your next purchase.

The directions were right there on her recipt but I still had to explain it to her numerous times that no, you can’t print out a coupon because it’s a store scanner. Finally it was all said and done until her husband walks over where she tells him she wants to do some online Christmas shopping. She was staring directly into my screen when she said this.

I am not going to waste my time on this lady who is slower that a bat. It’s not that she is incompetant, but she is to incompetant for me to work with and I am was in no way going to let her do her Christmas shopping on MY computer where I was relaxing. Im not mean im realistic. Nobody would sit there where a 35 year old women was taking over your space.

I turn to look at her and tell her to log into the computer next to me so she can do her shopping there but apparently she was the only 35 year old in this day and age who doesn’t know how to use a computer. I log off and walk away. I hope I never see her again in fear she needs help with her cell phone.

Second: Im at school in between classes just hanging out on the computer. I had my lunch before I came in and still had water in my Tumbler cup. The ones that are sealed and have a LID. This bitchy demanding lady who always comes to the computer lab to print and yell, tells me im going to spill my cup all over the computers and to put it down on the floor. I tell her it has a lid and once again she said I will spill.

Lady, im 19 years old, I can color in the lines, walk and talk at the same time, balance on one foot, and manage not to spill a cup with a lid on it. This lady had a real attitude problem. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell her to fuck off so I ignored her. Mature on my part. But seriously I can’t stand these these women anymore. Im a feminist but good god…WOMEN!


Phones At the Movies

Published October 2, 2012 by wordalpha

I just hate, HATE when im at the movie theater and some person in front of me is on there phone with the brightest light ever made. Can’t they sit in the back, or perhaps check there facebook later? I can’t believe that somone would ignore an over priced movie for nothing. Did twitter have a contest or something? Did Charley Sheen write something immoral again? Is Khloe Kardashion finally pregnant? Well than turn the fucking thing off!

Not only is your beaming light irritating but you sat in front of me and before you got there I claimed it as my foot rest.I am uncomfortable, unhappy, and my cornia’s now think i’m satin. Is my point across….you feeling me now?

High Priced College Books

Published September 25, 2012 by wordalpha

This is my first semester at college and Im looking forward to being a great student. I stepped up my game even wtih everything going murphy’s law on my ass and went to college to better my life. To be frank, my family is broke and we only have one car because it’s registered. Well, we do have another car but it’s not registered and it’s a ‘gas guzzler’.

My mother and two brothers are also going to college with me so we have to be flexable and careful with are money. My mother is a medical transcriptionist but with her job outsourcing it’s hard to keep that job with low pay and feed four people. My mother is now on unemployment and things are tough.

Now before some of you say why don’t we all get jobs, let me remind you that we have one car and a full schedual of school but with luck our ‘gas guzzler’ will be up and running legally withing this week or next. There are many things to pay for in life; rent,utilities, internet, food, neccesities, and gas/car repairs. Now with all that and barley enough money to scrape by, we have to buy over priced books for school.

I get that we have to buy our way through college but the books are just way to much money for three to four months of one class. Im taking nine units which isn’t a lot but I aslo registered late, so I have three books to buy. Two anyway since one is already borrowed. Like I said im broke so it’s hard to find the money to buy these expensive books.

I just bombed my human sexualities test because I couldn’t study in depth. I did study from the study guide and my notes so I can’t say that I didn’t try but I can’t study that well without the book. Not to mention the homework due tomorrow that I won’t be turning in because I need the book. I have google my tiny fingers off searching for a few chapters of the book with no luck and now im screwed.

If the books weren’t so over priced I would have had a fighting chance at aceing that exam. I just believe that if the prices were to come down I would be able to take more classes and use hard to come by money for books, gas, and occasionally and Almond Joy. I am still waiting for financial aid which I desperatly need. I would rather not have my mother write a hot check but sometimes you gotta what you gotta do.

Public Speaking and Adults

Published September 20, 2012 by wordalpha

For me speaking to adults is exactly like public speaking. They have a profession and they know how to do it well so when somone asks a rediculous question, to themselves it’s ordinary, they look at you like this should be obvious. I will stand there and shake a little, my heart beat increases, and I stumble over my words which makes me have to repeat them.

I do all of that during public speaking except it’s a little more intense. I have a big personality some might say so It’s uncomfortable to feel mso helpless in front of a large room. Imagine your most outgoing friend all tongue tied and shaky. Yeah exactly like that.

Anyway, the next time your at work and someone needs information make them relax and feel like there questions are important…even if there not. Just and suggestion you might want to look at. 

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